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The Requiem of the Dead [REQ]
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Requiem of the Dead [REQ] is an active and social guild based on the Gandara server (Guild Wars 2). We're a true PvX guild, which means we enjoy all GW2 content! For further information we would like to direct you to the Guild Rules, to our Forums, and to the place to leave a message to join our guild (Recruitment). Also, here is a list of our Leaders and Officers for you to contact, if you need to.

Nemu (Stuart)
Yaginor (Zuri), (deputy only)

Drum ,Snipoukos (Pew), Lacrima (Jackie) & Relathief

Officers on hiatus
Nickleton (Nick), KimKickAss, Mandradex, Val, Chogger &Coax (Yannick),

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Sayla / May 01, 2016
Hey REQ!

If you have an idea for an event, let any of the officers or leaders know. We will take it into our Sunday-meeting and plan the event. We want to organise events for you, and can use your input to see where the interests lie.

Weekly lottery
Every Sunday evening after Guildmissions you can find a new lottery poll. You pick 1 number and vote on it to join in, no extra costs! The poll stays open for a week and a number will be drawn during the guildmissions on Sunday. The standard prize pot is 5 gold. If the drawn number isn't chosen, 5 gold gets added onto that for next week.

We are currently looking for more officers who'd like to organise PvE, PvP or WvW events. If you want more information about the position contact any of our officers or guildleaders.

  Draxian: Got redirected here resetting a password. Memories :')
  Drum Drum: sad
  Drum Drum: bump
  Drum Drum: xD sounds great
  Gretehelios: Well i kinda quit gw2 for a while again but cant leave zanyru by himself for long he would go crazy without me and craft 30 more legendaries
  Gretehelios: Today i got the courage to download the game and damn! 4 birthday rewards to my account wow
  Gretehelios: :( where is alll
  Drum Drum: we need grim back....
  Gretehelios: Add me from discord gretehelios if you have some plans
  Gretehelios: This guild is too gud we need revive
  Drum Drum: i could try WhatsApp maybe
  Nickelton [REQ]: Ok. They stopped playing? If so, we could try reaching out to them through the site or skype
  Drum Drum: na not you nick it is grim and nemu
  Nickelton [REQ]: Thats not me roght?I think i was kicked even
  Drum Drum: but there are several issues i can't work out yet like the current person in power has been off for like 3-4 months
  Drum Drum: well nick i was thinking of doing it
  Nickelton [REQ]: Also... you should revive REQ.
  Nickelton [REQ]: Thats disturbing xD
  Drum Drum: i'm fine cutting dead ppl open atm to find out why they died soon i will be in radiology
  Nickelton [REQ]: Going really well, Im specializing in eSports (and normal sports) which is soooo much fun... how are you doing!?
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